Yuri Khrustalev
Full stack Engineer, DevOps, Refactoring master

About me

  • Get paid in IT industry since 2008;
  • Worked for enterprise companies like Siemens and Nokia;
  • Worked in financial industry for Thomson Reuters;
  • Huge experience in MVP and lean startup development;
  • Excellent product development skill, I know what does it mean to support customer delivered software;
  • DevOps since 2011 when first found that there is a word for I have been already doing;
  • I know how microservices architecture done;
  • Implemented a fully javascript solutions for mobile applications;
  • Co-organiser of a local regular IT meetup Deep Refactoring.

How can I help

  • Find why it does not work and make it work;
  • Rewrite and migrate existing solution on a new platform;
  • Scale and automate already working software;
  • Establish processes, continues integration and delivery pipeline;
  • Rapidly develop and integrate new functionality;
  • Improve existing solution design without breaking delivery.
  • Develop in various languages (python, javascript, java, golang, c++, scala, lua, bash, sql) and make it work on different platforms.

Contact me

You may want to look at my detailed CV or connect via linkedin. Some code examples are available on github

Public Speaking

  • 2016.09.28 - Why everyone like ruby (Deep Refactoring meetup) |
  • 2016.05.30 - Replacing Make with Ansible (Deep Refactoring meetup) |
  • 2016.01.28 - CI based on Docker (Deep Refactoring meetup) |
  • 2015.12.29 - The wrong way to use Erlang (Deep Refactoring meetup) |
  • 2014.03.05 - Python application distribution
  • 2012.04.20 - Javascript for mobile devices